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About Us

It All Began Working Slate Repairs With a True Craftsman

Abardeen Slate Roofing owner, Johnny SpinnerHis name was Peter Craig, a tough, hard-nosed old Scotsman that I didn’t like at first. My name is John (Johnny) Spinner, the owner of Abardeen Roof Slating and Tiling. The story about Peter is one you’ll appreciate when you’re seeking roofing services for your project.

I met Peter back in the 1970’s while attending trade school. He was one of my instructors. To say we didn’t get along would be putting it mildly because we butted heads for a few months and I no longer remember even about what. Suddenly, one day, it dawned on me, “This old bloke’s alright—he speaks his mind, doesn’t mince words—I like him.”

Interestingly, he must have had similar thoughts about me because not long after that, he asked if I would like to give him a hand restoring the slate roof on an old home on the weekend. Things have never been the same for me since.

Peter and I worked together the next eight years

Johnny and Peter working together on slate roofing projectFor the next eight years, I learned from a true master slater, who, had spent his entire working life doing slate roofs. He still taught at trade school during the week, but hardly a weekend or public holiday went by that we weren’t working together repairing, renovating, or renewing slate roofs on some of Melbourne’s finest period homes.

I marveled at what he knew and was eager to learn the skill. Peter not only was the best slate roofer, he answered his call for teaching. He was a fantastic teacher. We worked hard. We worked long days. But it was fun. Peter was never short of a good joke and a deep belly laugh. What I learned could never have been taught in books or trade school. Peter passed on a legacy.

Fast Forward to Today

New slate roofing by Abardeen Slate RoofingAbardeen Roof Slating and Tiling began in 1980 and the knowledge and skill used to restore aged slate roofs translates perfectly into providing slate roofing services on your new project. We have the capability to roof any sized structure, small or large. You’ll be receiving a heritage of roofing expertise. That’s good to know because your new project will have to endure the ravages of time and the Melbourne climate.

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