Best Slate for New Slate Roofing

If you want to know which slate is best for a new slate roofing project, a recommendation from someone who has been slating roofs since the 1970’s certainly counts as a qualified authority. Add to that the fact that a roof completed in 1983 still looks as good as the day it was first completed, and you have a solid recommendation.

That slate material is Del Carmen Ultra and it is the defacto standard when you want the best slate roofing material for your new slate roof. There are many reasons we can make this claim but we’ll just cover the primary ones and skip the boring stuff that only us master slaters care about.

First, Del Carmen Ultra includes a 100 year warranty. We could probably stop right there because that alone tells you all those recently completed new roofs around the Melbourne area with visible premature failure is a problem you’ll never have to worry about.

Slate is a product of nature. That one attribute means we would have a hard time passing consumer protection laws mandating nature comply with manufacturing standards. The only enforceable course of action is testing. Many slate tiles on the market get zero testing. Knowing that, it shouldn’t surprise you that slate roofing failure is so prevalent.

Del Carmen Ultra undergoes rigorous testing to assure qualities such as 0.3% water absorption and the ability to endure salt air unscathed. Without testing standards, slate tiles are also susceptible to delamination, cracking, and breaking, and more; other conditions you’ll never have to worry about. These slate tiles undergo the toughest testing standards in the world.

Del Carmen Ultra slate tiles sold together are extracted from the same slate veins so you get consistent color and texture. That definitely is not true with many other brands.

Simply put, Del Carmen Ultra slate tiles are equal to the best in the world. Will you find others that are as good? We’re pretty sure you could. But finding any better, not when they have to pass the toughest standards on the planet.

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