Creating a Legacy Together

When you’re looking for a new slate roof, it’s much more than just a new slate roof. Those who would try to sell you on just price are doing you a serious disservice. They actually fail to recognize the value of what they are supposed to be providing you with. That’s truly a shame for both you and them.

In reality, your new slate roof is the birth of a legacy that will outlive you, the architect, the builder, and the slate roofer. We often work with all four when doing a slate roof and it’s great to work with people who understand they are creating something future generations will still be able to enjoy.

Perhaps you’ve never really thought about it in that light before. In the process of managing our hectic lives, and the need for a new slate roof enters into your life, it’s easy to forget that the choice you make in getting that roofing done has such enduring value. But at least now you know that we’re thinking about that when we’re doing your new slate roof.

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