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Balwyn New Slate Roof

Balwyn New Slate Roof

This short gallery effectively demonstrates the process of slate roofing during a new home construction project. Meticulous attention is given to creating a safe working environment. We work with architects and builders to assure proper structure for adding the slate tiles because it is different than other types of roofing. Roofing is completed early during the building process out of respect for other contractors and the owner so construction can be completed on schedule. See the gallery…

French Provincial Slate Roof

French Provincial Slate Roofs

French Provincial styling is popular on new construction for a good reason. It’s a beautiful style that will remain timeless as the slate roofing will age gracefully and endure for well over a hundred years. Well, at least if we do the roofing anyway. As you’ve already seen by looking around the Melbourne area, many “new” slate roofs aren’t doing so well. You won’t have to worry about that when Abardeen does the slate roofing. See the gallery…