New Slate Roofing On An “Old” Roof

In case you’re wondering if Abardeen will re-roof an “old” structure with a new slate roof, the answer is emphatically, yes. But next, you may be wondering what the process looks like.

  • Will it be messy?
  • How long will it take?
  • How much inconvenience will it cause?
  • What effects might it cause to your property?

Maybe you’ve seen a slate roofing project that was an eyesore and pretty much met every stereotypical nightmare you could have envisioned: big stacks of material for weeks on end, debris strewn all over the place, you name it, that’s what it looked like. There are slate roofing contractors that operate that way, but here is what you should actually expect.

First, scaffolding is set up for the safety of both the workers and anyone on the ground. We are especially careful to avoid damaging property, landscaping, gardens, etc. Only a few areas are set up at one time so walkways, driveways, and other access points are not blocked any longer than required.

One the first day of your project, and each day thereafter, materials for that day are brought to your site so you will not be supplying a warehouse location. For each day of your project, the section of your old roof for that day will be stripped and stacked on the scaffolding. Very rarely do we need to place materials on the ground but an out of the way location is chosen when needed, and cleanup is always prompt.

New slate tiles and any required flashing will be installed on the section stripped. At the end of the day, you are waterproof, clean and tidy, and debris is hauled off in our trucks. No, dumpsters are not left on your property during the project.

Rinse and repeat: This process continues each day until your new slate roof is complete.

Inconvenience? Minimal to non existent.

For an average sized Melbourne area home, this process takes about two weeks. You will always know in advance the actual time required for your project. Once we are done, you won’t know a roofer was ever on your property except for the beautiful new slate roof. The Boy Scouts of America have the motto, “Leave no trace.” That sums up our philosophy as well.

See an example of a slate re-roofing project

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