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Slate Roofing Services

Trusted Slate Roof Professionals

For well over 30 years, Abardeen has been serving builders, architects, homeowners, and others in the Melbourne area with slate roofing services. Our experience in slating just about anything you can put a roof on is certainly a good reason to contact us about your project, but the trust we’ve earned is an even better reason. Many local builders have been regular clients for over 20 years and that speaks even greater volumes.

The reputation we have developed and work hard to protect is built on principles such as:

  • Keeping up to date with current best practises and safety standards
  • Maintaining excellent communication with clients before and throughout their project
  • Respecting you, your time, your property, and conscientiously demonstrating that
  • Providing only the best quality certified slate for your project
  • Refusing to stoop to using poor quality roofing slate just to save a few dollars
  • Only allowing fully qualified slate roofing tradesmen to work on your project
  • Being reliable, open, and honest—doing it and not just saying it
  • Working considerately and responsibly with other trades people on your project
  • Assuring your complete satisfaction before we consider your project finished
  • Resolving problems if they occur such as damage from other trades people

While our outstanding reputation is already secure with many professionals and property owners throughout the Melbourne already, we welcome the opportunity to prove worthy of your trust too. Slating craftsmanship is still alive and well but not everyone realizes that. We strive to make your experience one you will want to tell others about.

Large and Small Slate Roofing Projects

You might be wondering if we can slate your home. The answer is yes! If you’re wondering if we can install new slate on an older home. Yes, that’s actually our company heritage. And if you’re wondering if we can do large projects, both new construction and classic architecture to match any style and need, the answer is a definite yes.

Regardless of the size, style, and complexity of your slate roofing project, contact us about it.

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