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Slate Roofing Services for Homeowners

Whether you need a slate roof properly installed on your new home or have an older home in need of a new slate roof, Abardeen has been doing that throughout the Melbourne area since the early 1980’s. In fact, our very first slate roof using our favourite slating tile, Del Carmen Ultra, completed in 1983, still looks as good today as when we first installed it!

When you see some of the other slate roofs in the Melbourne area, many of them much newer, you’ll realize just how important it is to choose the right slate roofing company. One of the most common problems is rust stains. They can appear in a surprisingly short period of time and rust stains cannot be remedied except by removal of the stained tiles. Left unchecked, the stains become holes which leak and the roof progressively worsens.

Yeah, we know, that sounds scary but Melbourne’s climate with freezing and thawing cycles, torrential rains and hail, coastal salt problems, bush fire prone zones, and insanely hostile winds among other things makes for some demanding conditions for your roof to endure. Slate is the roofing of choice with centuries of proven performance, but it still requires time honored material choices and installation methods.

We could tell you technical reasons that not all slate is created equal, and we’ll be glad to if you ask us to explain it, but just one look around at the roofs in any Melbourne neighborhood or even a newer development is all you need to see striking differences in slate quality. One reason we favour the Del Carmen product is the strict testing standards it is held to. Without these standards, just having a “slate roof” is like the difference between fast food and fine dining.

It’s also worth mentioning that the Del Carmen Ultra slating tiles include a 100 year warranty certificate. Your roof will not only be beautiful and elegant, it’s the last roofing job you’ll ever need…your heirs too for that matter. Contact us to assure your roof never looks like the ones you’ve seen done by shady or unqualified roofers.