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Why Slate?

Why Natural Slate is the Ideal Choice for Melbourne Roofs

Natural slate roofing, there are many good reasons slate roofs have been a familiar site in and around Melbourne for generations. Some structures well over a hundred years old still have their original slate roofs! In spite of technological advances in modern roofing materials, quality natural slate remains unrivaled in beauty, prestige, functionality, and endurance.

Advantages of Slate Roofing

  • Durability – With the point above about Melbourne slate roofs over 100 years old still functioning, not much more needs to be said about durability. Our favourite natural slate is quarry certified and comes with a 100 year warranty!
  • Low Maintenance – When installed correctly, and you know better than to let cousin Vinny install a satellite dish, you get peace of mind and freedom from the problems of other roofing materials. Besides, every roofing warranty is going to have a cousin Vinny clause no matter what roofing material is used.
  • Waterproof – Good quality slate will test at less than 0.3% water absorption. That means in spite of Melbourne’s freeze and thaw cycles, it will not soften or delaminate for a century or more. It takes everything the Melbourne climate throws at it.
  • Color Choices and Variations – Because slate is a natural product, it has natural color variations for added beauty. In addition, natural color differences provide color choices and accenting for the architectural features of the roof and structure.
  • Thickness and Texture – Thickness and texture variety in natural slate ranges from slim with smooth finishes to thick tiles with course grain. The natural variations in slate make every roof unique no matter which tile type you choose.
  • Noncombustible – Slate is naturally fireproof because it is a noncombustible material. Considering Melbourne’s bushfire prone areas, this is an important benefit.
  • Wind and Storm Proof – Unlike concrete and terracotta roofing tiles, properly installed slate is secured with galvanised or copper clouts. With the disclaimer about “proper installation” being emphasized, slate tiles stay secure even with the most hostile storms that Melbourne roofs have had to endure.
  • Aesthetics – The aesthetic benefits of slate are twofold: one, the natural beauty of slate roofing, and two: its ability to stand up to the elements and age gracefully without losing that beauty. Quality slate will not fade or stain, and proper installation will prevent rust stains from tainting the natural beauty of a slate roof.

When you’re considering the ideal roofing choice of a public or private construction project, you won’t find another roofing material that satisfies every ideal solution the way slate does. It earns a checkmark on every point: long lasting, low maintenance, worry free, color choices, natural beauty, design flexibility, and more.

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